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45. Celebrate Every Success
44. Humanly Possible
43. Discovery of Truth
42. Keep Your Mind Young
41. Ask The Right Questions
40. Just Ask
39. Breaks and Breakthroughs
38. Ecosystems and Value
37. Simplify, Clarify, Edify
36. Finite and Infinite Games
35. Love The Parts That Aren’t Fun
34. Tutors and Gigging
33. Be Good, Repeatedly
32. The Joy of Achievement
31. Talent, Motivation, and Attitude
30. Discover Your Strengths
29. Comparison Is The Thief of Joy
28. Perfect is the Enemy of Done
27. Avoid Failure, Avoid Success
26. Get Involved
25. Every Day, In Every Way
24. Education is a Gift
23. The People You Surround Yourself With
22. They Help Us Learn And Grow
21. Change the World
20. A Tutor’s Thanks
19. Blocking and Tackling
18. Respect the Test
17. Who Are You Ambitious For?
16. What Your Record Says You Are
15. The First Person I Need to Teach
14. Teaching is Selling is Teaching
13. Believe in your Ability to Learn
12. Conflict is the Beginning of Consciousness
11. Professionals Show Up Every Day
10. Teaching Is a Profession of Hope
9. Teachers have Three Loves
8. Rest is Not Idleness
7. Dance With The One That Brung You
6. Practice For Something Greater
5. The Most Valuable Resource All Teachers Have
4. Over Time, Consistency Beats Intensity
3. Success is the Sum of Details
2. Self-Care is Giving the Best of You…
1.All Good Things Start With a Dream

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