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TestBright was developed as a collaboration between veteran educators and school counselors, headed by a national leader in test preparation. The information you’ll find on TestBright represents the answers to questions we hear every single day for parents, counselors, and educators across the country. 

TestBright was founded by Mike Bergin, an education industry expert who has designed, developed, or delivered instruction to countless students over the last 30 years. After a long history with Kaplan Test Prep and Huntington Learning Center, Mike founded Chariot Learning, which delivers expert, individualized SAT & ACT prep from Rochester, NY to everywhere else. Mike is also the creator of the Roots2Words vocabulary program and publisher of Tutor: The Newsletter.

Amy Seeley boasts an equally long and storied career in test preparation, starting as a part-time tutor with Princeton Review to become Director of Test Preparation Services for Townsend Learning Centers, creating, managing and administering all aspects of Townsend’s test preparation programs. In 2006, Amy founded Seeley Test Pros to meet the ACT, SAT, and HSPT test preparation needs of hundreds of students annually in the Greater Cleveland area.

Mike and Amy are among the most well-known and respected names in test prep. They are the co-hosts of the Tests and the Rest podcast, consultants for ACT’s professional development programs, and founding members of the Board of Directors of the National Test Prep Association (NTPA).

TestBright Counselor-in-Chief Eric Domroes has followed an untraditional path to his over 25 year career as a School Counselor and Department Leader of Counseling at a nationally regarded “Blue Ribbon” public high school near Rochester, NY. He was drawn from a 5-year career in the banking industry to child development by experiences working with adolescents and young adults as an assistant track and field coach at the NCAA Division I level of competition. In his current counseling role, Eric is fortunate to manage a caseload of 250 students and have multiple opportunities for creative leadership in Master Scheduling, Grading policy, Mental Health Policy and Procedure and implementing the college search program for students and families in this rapidly changing industry. Eric has served on local organizing committees for college fairs and is currently on the Admissions Advisory Board of a leading regional university. He has used his career membership of the NACAC and ASCA association as a means to guide his practice throughout his professional experiences.

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