Tutor: Never Stop Never Stopping

You’re a fan of Andy Samberg, right? I mean, who doesn’t love the comedic genius behind legendary bits like The Shooting AKA Dear SisterThrew It On The Ground, and–obviously–D*** in a Box? Samberg’s longer form works offer plenty of laughs as well, along with intended and unintentional truths. My favorite part of his film Popstar is, surprisingly, its subtitle: Never Stop Never Stopping.

Inspiring, right?

Something about the tortured construction of that phrase transcends mantras like, “Never Stop,” or “Just Do It.” My impression is that of deliberate persistence, the kind of unyielding tenacity required to transcend limits and continue to reach new heights.

Often, we exhort our students to never stop learning or never stop growing. We tell them to never stop trying to achieve that next level of success.

In turn, we are told as teachers to never stop learning or never stop growing. Educators should never stop mastering the tools and best practices of their craft. Business operators should never stop attracting ideal clients, underpromising and overdelivering, and right-sizing their enterprises.

Even our commitments to ourselves as living, thinking beings worthy of happiness and peace require ceaseless action. Never stop standing up for what you believe in. Never stop doing the right thing. Never stop demanding what you deserve.

I’ll take that excellent advice to the next level and exhort you to never stop never stopping those essential actions.

You can take temporary pauses, of course. I paused this newsletter last week while on vacation. Some might even say this missive feels like a pause 😉 Nonetheless, I’ll never stop never stopping my inquiries into the meaning and magic behind individualized education. What we do matters too much.

Consider what matters to you, personally or professionally. For those goals and activities that mean the most, go beyond never stopping. Never stop never stopping.

— Mike Bergin

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