Tutor: Some Other Beginning’s End

ATTENTION: If you are a subscriber, this is the last issue of this newsletter that you’ll receive–unless you subscribe to the new Tutor: The Newsletter on SubstackAllow me to explain…

In July 2022, I wrote the first issue of this newsletter with the title All Good Things Start With a Dream and a simple goal:

Tutoring may be one of the most common yet least understood professions on the planet. No student completes his or her education without working with–and possibly as–some kind of tutor. Free or paid, formal or informal, tutors are everywhere.

Why, then, do we know so little about tutoring as a profession?

…After nearly 30 years as a professional private educator, I’ve seen all kinds of tutors making all kinds of money helping all kinds of students with all kinds of subjects. One of the guiding purposes of Tutor: The Newsletter will be to highlight the wide diversity of backgrounds, philosophies, and practices of tutors today. We’ll also focus on sharing the tools, tips, and thoughts that make tutoring more effective, enjoyable, and profitable. I invite you to join us as we explore the intricacies of individual education and to let me know what aspects of tutoring matter most to you.

A full year and 53 issues later, we should take stock of how closely this publication hewed to its founding mission:

  1. Did you as a tutor enjoy reading this newsletter?
  2. Did you as a tutor learn enough to make the newsletter worthwhile?
  3. Did you feel seen as a tutor?

If not, good news: this version of the newsletter has run its course. If you don’t resubscribe, you’ll never receive another issue.

But if you did enjoy and learn and feel connected to anything you read, good news: Starting next week, Tutor: The Newsletter will go out as a Substack. Very little should change for subscribers except a less aesthetic layout and more flexible reading options–Substack has an app!

In the words of the immortal Seneca, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” After the first year of publishing Tutor: The Newsletter, I’m more motivated than ever to continue to explore this magical profession we share. Moving the newsletter to Substack offers the potential to connect with even more educators as we all share tips, tools, and thoughts on the path to better outcomes for our students and ourselves.

You’ll join me for this new beginning, right? SUBSCRIBE HERE.

— Mike Bergin

Tutor Tips, Tools, and Thoughts

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