Truth About Test Optional

Are you a student, parent, or counselor confused by mixed messages about test optional, and aren’t sure whether applicants should send or even need SAT or ACT scores? We’ve corralled a number of data sources and articles from college counselors, test prep professionals, and other higher ed sources to weigh in on this important and evolving topic. Feel free to share links as we will keep this list updated.


No one likes the SAT. It’s still the fairest thing about admissions. [Jonathan Wai, Matt Brown and Christopher Chabris]
Test-optional Does Not Mean Test Blind [Jed Applerouth]
Who Benefits from Test Optional Policies? [Mike Bergin]
The Coronavirus might cause more schools to go test-optional (but you should take the SAT or ACT anyway) [Erica Meltzer]
Test-Optional Schools: How “Optional” Are They? [David Blobaum]
The Truth About Test Optional [Andre Kiss]
A Pandemic Isn’t a Reason to Abolish the SAT [NY Times]
Letter to the University of California Board of Regents about Standardized Testing [Marten Roorda]
Test Optional Admissions: Seniors Beware [Mark Fisher]
Shooting the test-messenger to end accountability [Chester E. Finn]
Words Matter (When Talking About Test Optional) [Yoon S. Choi]
Dropping The SAT And ACT Is About Politics, Not Diversity. [Evan Gerstmann]
Eliminating the ACT and SAT Won’t Fix What’s Wrong With Education [Chester E. Finn]
Is the SAT Really the Problem? [William McGurn]
Test Optional Quiz [Vinny Madera]
Proof UC Knows Test-Optional and Test-Blind Admissions Are Problematic [Matt McCorkle]
Everything You need to Know about Test-Optional Schools [Anna Ravenelle]
What do Test-Optional Schools and Coffee Houses Have in Common? [Vinny Madera]
What Test Optional Really Means [Valerie Erde]
The New Normal of Test Optional Admissions [Stuart Nachbar]
‘I couldn’t even read the diploma.’ Now he struggles to learn what schools didn’t teach him. [NY Times]
I’m a working-class Mexican American student. The SAT doesn’t hurt me — it helps.[NY Times]
What The Research Says On Tests And Test-Optional Policies In College Admissions [Jonathan Wai]
6 Arguments Against The SAT—And Why They Don’t Hold Up [Natalie Wexler]
Keep the SAT and ACT [Inside Higher Ed]


Who Benefits from Test Optional Policies? [Stacey Cunitz]
Do Test-Optional Policies Drive Equity [Yoon S. Choi]
Does Test-Optional Hurt or Help? [Phil Black]


What Does Test Optional Mean for You? [Score At The Top]

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