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As you turn the page on what was hopefully one of the best years of your life, how can you not look to the new year and aspire to even greater heights? I’m an unabashed proponent of Emile Coue’s grand pronouncement, “Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better.” Of course, better doesn’t just happen, does it?

Many decisions to get or do or be better begin on New Year’s Day, yet far too few of them survive past January. Do your New Year’s resolutions tend to stick or slump? Consider these 9 Tips For Making a New Year’s Resolution and Keeping It:

1. Pick One Thing.
2. Plan Ahead.
3. Anticipate Problems.
4. Pick a Start Date.
5. Track Your Progress.
6. Remember Your Past Failures.
7. Go for It.
8. Accept Failure.
9. Plan Your Rewards

All that sounds great, but you may prefer a less complicated method to making your resolutions real. Luckily, this process works every day, not just New Year’s Day, and underscores the most powerful and enduring changes, both positive and negative, in any life. What’s the magic word?


Resolutions to take root when we create simple, concrete habits and stick to them. Self-improvement conforms to the same rules as education, which is a means to help others improve. Small, specific habits repeated regularly under the principles of deliberate practice in service to incremental improvement over time lead to the greatest beneficial changes of all. And if you’re in the business of helping others improve, why not help yourself?

Happy New Year!

— Mike Bergin

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