Colleges That Offer The Best Scholarships And Financial Aid

The promise and potential of higher education remain popular in good economic times and bad. Even more popular is the prospect of not paying full price for a degree! Amy and Mike invited educator Dr. Kuni Beasley to reveal some colleges that offer the best scholarships and financial aid.

What are five things you will learn in this episode?

  1. Why does college cost so much and what are the best ways to lower out-of-pocket costs?
  2. How can families find low cost colleges?
  3. Which colleges offer the best financial aid?
  4. Which colleges offer automatic, easily accessible scholarships?
  5. How can one earn institutional scholarships regardless of family income?


Dr. Kuni Michael Beasley, the founder of Beasley College Prep, has a BS from Texas Christian University (GO Frogs!), an MBA from Oklahoma City University, a Doctor of Ministry in Greek and Hebrew from Tyndale Seminary, and a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Arlington. He has been helping students prepare for college for over 40 years. Dr. Beasley has helped students enroll in the top colleges in the country to include Harvard, West Point, Stanford, Notre Dame, Georgia Tech, Pepperdine, and MIT, with many on full scholarships.

Dr. Beasley has an eclectic background. After earning his undergraduate degree, he served on active duty with the Army where he was the youngest commander in Europe in charge of a nuclear Field Artillery unit. He left active duty to take a position with the Federal Reserve Bank where he was a Training Specialist, Management Systems Coordinator, and the Strategic Planner. Dr. Beasley left corporate America to pursue a personal passion to coach football. In his first year as a high school football coach, Coach Beasley’s team won the 1994 Texas AAA state championship. He returned to coaching in 2021 and led his team to the state championship game again.

Seeing that many students were under-challenged, in 1996, Dr. Beasley started his own school in a rented Sunday School room at the First Baptist Church in Duncanville, Texas, with seven students. By 2009, there were 22 schools from Springfield, Massachusetts to Hot Springs, Arkansas, to Palm Springs, California. He initiated a College Readiness business taking his unique preparation process to the public and private school students. His SAT and ACT prep programs were used in public schools in nine states.

Dr. Beasley taught college for sixteen years at several institutions to include Northwood University, Dallas Baptist University, University of Texas at Arlington, and thirteen years at LeTourneau University. He is credentialed to teach at the graduate level in 14 subject areas to include Business, Political Science, Public Administration, Urban Studies, Economics, Psychology, Geography, and Military History. His Ph.D. is in Urban and Public Administration where he wrote his dissertation on the transition of the Federal Reserve in the late 80’s. He earned his Doctor of Ministry in Greek and Hebrew studies concurrently with his Ph.D. Very few can bring a portfolio with military command, championship coaching, academic achievement, college teaching, school administration, and the innovative entrepreneurship to build a nationwide business.

Kuni first appeared on this podcast in episode 415 for a TEST PREP PROFILE.

You can find Kuni at


Best Affordable Colleges 2023-2024




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