Influencer Priorities vs. Educator Instincts

How can teachers and tutors balance influencer priorities with educator instincts on social media? Amy and Mike invited the star of Supertutor Media, Brooke Hanson, to share her considerable experience in this area. This informative session was presented at the Tests and the Rest July Summit 2021.

What are five things you will learn in this episode?

1. Is it realistic to expect to build a strong income stream exclusively through test prep social media content?
2. How important are production values for popularity?
3. How do social media preppers differ from test prep students?
4. Are there reliable ways to predict which content will be most popular?
5. What are effective strategies to drive prep services and products through social media content?


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Recordings for this event are now available on the National Test Prep Association website. NTPA members have complete access to recordings of all Tests and the Rest Summits.

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