Why The SAT And ACT Are Awesome

If you ask your average high schooler (or parent) for some adjectives describing the SAT and ACT, the extensive vocabulary list will likely skew negative. But do those who know the tests best feel the same way? Amy and Mike invited test prep professional David Blobaum to effusively explicate why the SAT and ACT are awesome.

What are five things you will learn in this episode?

  1. What is awesome about the math tested on the SAT and ACT?
  2. What is awesome about the grammar tested on the SAT and ACT?
  3. What does the importance of education say about the SAT and ACT?
  4. Why are the SAT and ACT awesome even beyond their role in college admissions?
  5. Why are tests that help put grades in context so valuable?


David Blobaum graduated from the University of Chicago with honors both from the college and in his major. In college, he took seriously the University of Chicago’s aim of a “Renaissance” or well-rounded education and took courses in 17 different disciplines, ranging from Statistics and Economics to Philosophy and Art History. Since then, he has devoted himself to helping students reach their potential on the SAT and ACT and, more broadly, to help them succeed through education.

To that end, in 2013, he founded Summit Prep with a former UChicago classmate. They now have two tutoring centers in New Jersey, and their team of SAT/ACT experts privately tutors over 500 students per year. David is a consultant to schools on SAT/ACT best practices, personally trains each Summit Prep tutor one-on-one, and tutors a select few students himself. David not only teaches students the necessary subject matter but also motivates them to continually strive towards their potential.

Find David at https://summitprep.com/.


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