High Yield Math Topics for the SAT and ACT

Considering the breadth of topics tested on the SAT and ACT math sections, is it possible to determine which ones are most important to focus on? Absolutely! Amy and Mike invited math mastermind Mike McGibbon of Mathchops to share his research on the most commonly tested and valuable math topics on the tests. This informative session was presented at the Tests and the Rest September Summit 2021.

What are five things you will learn in this episode?

1. Which math topics are tested the most on the SAT and ACT?
2. Is the frequency of “oddball” advanced math questions increasing?
3. How can you calculate which math topics to focus on and which ones to ignore?
4. How important is student ability and interest to math prep?
5. Which topics might be safely ignored for students seeking good or great but not perfect scores?


Differences Between SAT And ACT Math

Recordings for this event are now available on the National Test Prep Association website. NTPA members have complete access to recordings of all Tests and the Rest Summits.

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