The Digital Brand: Building your Visual Identity Online

If your brand is how people recognize you when you aren’t around, it better look as good as it sounds. Catherine Dorrough of Dorrough Creative shares both the guiding philosophies and non-technical essentials professionals who need to build their visual identity online must know. This training was presented at the Tests and the Rest Summer Summit 2020.

What are five things you will learn in this presentation?

1. What is a brand, and why does it matter?
2. What elements of a visual identity must be carefully planned?
3. What should all business owners know about graphical formats and elements?
4. In what ways should physical brand elements be reflected online and vice versa?
5. How can someone with no technical expertise work productively with a designer?

Recordings for this event are now available on the National Test Prep Association website. NTPA members have complete access to recordings of all Tests and the Rest Summits.

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