Tests and the Rest January Summit 2021

The team that planned professional development extravaganzas like the Tests and the Rest Winter Conference and Tests and the Rest Summer Summit continue to meet the training and networking needs of test prep professionals through our ongoing Tests and the Rest Online Summit Series, meeting the last Tuesday of every month. And we’re starting the year strong!

WHEN: January 26, 2021, 11am-1:30pm Eastern
WHERE: Online
WHO: Test prep professionals
HOW: Over Zoom, naturally 😉
WITH WHOM? Mike Bergin and Amy Seeley

Our topic for January 2021 is near and dear to every test prep professional’s heart…


TOPIC: College Admissions Tests and Prep
PRESENTATION: 2021 Trends in SAT and ACT Content (Evan Wessler of Method Learning)
PANEL: SAT/ACT Smackdown (Team SAT vs Team ACT)
BREAKOUT: How Do You Integrate SAT and ACT Prep?


Each session $30.00

Register online through the Tests and the Rest Summit Registration Form. We look forward to seeing you at the next summit!


Why do we call this event a Summit? Conferences that last all day and revolve around lots of lectures have their place, particularly when colleagues can concentrate in one location. Since we’re all online now, we’ve re-imagined the standard conference as a focused summit rich with opportunities for interaction and collaboration:

PRESENTATION (60 min): One presentation by a relevant expert followed by moderated Q&A and discussion.
PANEL (30 min): Three or more experts answering a series of topical questions with moderated Q&A
BREAKOUT (60 min): Everyone is broken into smaller work groups to answer certain questions and contribute to shared expertise and best practices.

NOTE: We love the magic of live events, so our summits are planned and priced to encourage attendance and active participation. Presentations and panel discussions become available as recordings for Tribe Insiders only, while breakout sessions can only be experienced live.

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