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The guiding philosophy of the Tests and the Rest podcast, conferences, and online summits can best be described as “educators educating educators.” If you want to truly understand a topic, learn from someone who not only thoroughly understands it but possesses the skills, experience, and interest to help you learn it. If you value learning from your accomplished peers and like being a part of Test Prep Tribe, you’ll love Tribe Insider.

What’s so great about being a Tribe Insider?

First and foremost, every Tribe Insider has a free, reserved seat at each month’s Tests and the Rest Online Summit PLUS unlimited access to video recordings of past Summit presentations and panel discussions. Tribe Insider is the only way to access these videos.

Plus, Tribe Insiders have the inside track to influencing future training topics, presenters, and panelists. Your professional development priorities are our priorities.

Last but not least, Tribe Insiders gain first–and likely exclusive–access to whatever special training sessions, product workshops, and networking opportunities Amy and Mike put together. Don’t you want to be a part of whatever the team behind Tests and the Rest, Test Prep Tribe, and the most consistent, educational, and enjoyable online professional development programs in the industry come up with next?
Success in the business of education–as both an entrepreneur and an educator–demands an enduring commitment to professional development. At a time when all the old norms are in flux, when technology and philosophy converge to overturn and remake every aspect of education, we need to learn from our peers and colleagues. Become a Tribe Insider to stay on top of industry changes, expand your portfolio, revitalize your enterprise, and continue to become the professional your students, clients, and educational communities need.

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