Ready to learn the history, philosophy, and practice of an experienced professional in the test prep industry?

Meet Tom Ehlers, the founder and president of Method Learning. He is a passionate believer in online learning and has spent the last 18 years developing effective teaching methods that have helped thousands of students significantly raise their ACT and SAT test scores. Over 1,000 schools around the world use Method Test Prep’s online learning platform to provide all students with access to effective ACT and SAT preparation and to help students improve their fundamental English and math skills. Tom works as an educational consultant to these schools to help them expand their online learning initiatives. Tom also trains dozens of groups of educators each year on how to encourage more students to take advantage of online learning tools as well as speaking to large groups of parents and students on the shift to online learning and how to benefit.

Tom graduated with honors from Princeton University and also completed the prestigious Princeton University Teacher Preparation Program. He is proud of his role as an entrepreneur in the world of education. Since he started Method Learning, the organization has grown to 60 people whose mission is to help students and schools achieve more academically.

Tom lives on Long Island in New York with his wife and twin 4th graders. Tom’s hobbies include basketball, reading, tennis, podcasts, learning online, and travel.

Tom first appeared on the show back in episode #6 to discuss How to Make the Most of Online Test Prep.

Find Tom at https://www.methodlearning.com.


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