High school counselors are expected to be the experts for all matters related to the endlessly changing testing and admissions landscape. Where is this magical expertise in testing, planning, and preparation supposed to come from? Limited time and self-study will not cover what counselors need to know. Just like your students, you require essential, precise, and timely information from the right teachers…

“What changed for the SAT & ACT this month?”

“When should my diverse caseload of high schoolers be testing?”

“How are college policies regarding the tests changing and when?”

“Which preparation methods and providers make the most sense for our educational community?”

TestBright was created by educators and counselors to support counselors and educators in their critical roles as the nexus of information about testing, planning, and preparation in their schools. The expert information we share for parents on this site is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how we help promote your guidance to enable student success and the success of all the other stakeholders in your educational community:


The most important way TestBright helps school counselors is through professional development sessions targeting essential aspects of the tests, why they matter, and what students and parents need to know about them. Whether live or remote, our training sessions offer the kind of objective, professional development high school counselors always need but can never find. As a bonus, we understand and speak to ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors!

Looking for a world-class SAT/ACT self-study program that focuses on real test prep and provides a foundation for further practice and peak performance? The innovative SAT/ACT TestFlip program provides everything you could ask for at a very low institutional rate.

Many schools and districts that operate their own test prep programs use teachers with limited curriculum and knowledge of what actually works in test preparation. TestBright can provide a proven professional curriculum designed by experts to be deployed in a variety of class configurations to serve any community at any price point. Plus, the TestBright curriculum program comes with teacher training resources and options for ongoing support.

No matter how extensive you find our training, you may encounter questions beyond your expertise. Let TestBright be your hotline for testing answers. Just as you would call tech support when your computer glitches, you can contact us when you need unbiased expert information on tests, planning, and preparation.

One of the most effective yet overlooked ways to improve test scores–and align scores with students’ academic performance–in a school or district is to ensure that front line teachers know enough about the tests to contribute to student success. We offer professional development sessions to identify what high school teachers across a variety of subjects need to know and do in the classroom to align instruction with the specific skills students need on test day.

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