Influential Counselor: The Power Of Few

We are, by nature, outnumbered.  Whether in a school environment or private setting, the noble profession of supporting whole child development can be lonely. While we are surrounded in our various educational settings by caring people, we are in the minority of having to discern and advocate the needs of the whole child.

The community of educational organizations is a vast flatland of silos.  Silos like Math, Social Studies, Sports, and Music provide an incredible array of focused opportunities for children.  However, each silo is so dedicated to a specific expertise that few practitioners can see beyond their own sphere of influence to take into consideration what is happening in the silo next to theirs.

Enter the counselor, who holds a unique opportunity to take a step back to gain needed perspective. We view the horizon of this educational flatland to make sense of the positive patterns and shadows that may exist for the student.  Never has there been a greater need to understand our purpose–to influence our organizational community about the whole child in a world often overflowing with information and distraction.  What an incredible power we wield!

In my 25 years as a public school counselor, I have experienced enough to know how to influence my expertise beyond my time spent with individual and small group counseling.  Each day, I humbly learn that there is so much more I don’t know about our influence. This notion contributes to the guiding purpose of The Influential Counselor newsletter. We will highlight the philosophies, diversity of backgrounds, and responsibilities of school and independent college counselors. We’ll focus on creating a community of best practices, mindsets and resources that will empower our positive influence. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and we, through this newsletter, are excited to explore and leverage what matters most to you.

— Eric Domroes

Perfectly Pertinent Podcasts

Sharing the right podcasts can extend, enrich, and deepen your influence as a counselor.

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