How To Maximize Your Remote Tutoring Tools

We invited three test prep professionals with different backgrounds and organizational structures to discuss How To Maximize Your Remote Tutoring Tools at the Tests and the Rest October 2020 Online Summit.

Scott Hardin of Riverside Academic
Rob Pollak of Pollak Tutors
Robin Satty of Stem Smart Consulting

Our three panelists generously shared their lessons learned in integrating new software, hardware, and techniques into their educational practice.

What are five things you will learn in this presentation?

1. How do you approach remote instruction for individuals versus group instruction?
2. What is your favorite new remote tutoring app, website, or device?
3. How have you had to change your teaching style in your move to remote instruction?
4. How do you collect student data while remote?
5. What is the most important lesson you’ve learned over the last six months of remote instruction?

Recordings for this event are now available on the National Test Prep Association website. NTPA members have complete access to recordings of all Tests and the Rest Summits.

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