What are the Pros and Cons of the June SAT and ACT?

The grind of the academic year inevitably wears down even the most dedicated student. By the time June rolls around, most high schoolers have already expended their whatever stores of dedication, focus, and energy they were willing to devote to school. Even worse, some students still have to contend with finals and the last rounds of spring sports. Does taking the SAT or ACT in June make sense?

Perfect follow-up for students who were close but not quite on target on the early spring tests
The last chance to finish testing at the end of junior year
Ideal opportunity for advanced 10th graders to get a head start on testing

Competes with certain high school sports playoffs and championship events
Prep may be compromised because of how busy May is for high schoolers
Kids tend to be more drained and distracted than at any other point in the school year

11th graders who have already been prepping or are able to make a last minute push
10th graders who take advanced classes and anticipate being very busy in 11th grade

Earning your best test score in June isn’t easy, but for some students, this is the last best chance to finish admissions testing by the end of junior year. Still, smart planners will avoid targeting June for the SAT or ACT.


When are the SAT and ACT offered in a year?
During which month is the SAT or ACT easiest?
How much time is needed to prepare for the SAT or ACT?

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