Lessons Learned From Computer-Based Testing Prep

We invited three test prep professionals with different backgrounds and organizational structures to discuss their experience in preparing students for computer-based admissions testing at the Tests and the Rest March 2021 Online Summit.

Brett Ethridge of Dominate Test Prep
David Lynch of StudyLark
Mike McGibbon of NYC Test Prep Advice

Our three panelists generously shared their lessons learned regarding strategies, resources, and success stories prepping students from grade school to grad school for digital tests.

What are five things you will learn in this presentation?

1. What are the computer-based tools that you find useful for students to be informed about?
2. What adaptations do you make for students who are preparing to take a test in a digital format?
3. What kinds of feedback do you get from your students about their computer-based testing experience?
4. What discrepancies have you observed with student’s scores from practice to official with a computer-based test?
5. Which aspect of the digital testing process tends to be the most challenging?

Recordings for this event are now available on the National Test Prep Association website. NTPA members have complete access to recordings of all Tests and the Rest Summits.

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