IEC PROFILE: Lee Norwood

Ready to learn the history, philosophy, and practice of an experienced independent educational consultant?

Meet Lee Norwood, a successful entrepreneur and published author with two bachelor’s degrees in Business/Marketing and English from Elon University. Her energy, connections, humor, knowledge, and talents are expanding our reach and bringing amazing partners to the Annapolis College Consulting family.

Lee excels at connecting with students and bringing out the best in them, including helping them find their authentic voice and craft meaningful essays that resonate with college admissions offices. She creates opportunities for growth that matches their interests (non-profit and business internships, local and state connections, creative opportunities) and builds consistency within their application.

Described as “a stick of dynamite, in a good way” Lee maintains a strong social media presence, sharing knowledge with anyone who follows her. She keeps everyone laughing throughout the process and the ACC Instagram Stories and Reels are a wonderful example of staying relevant with a dose of humor. You can hear her voice on many podcasts as she is an evangelist for families and students finding the right fit for college at the right price.

Lee’s motto ”a rising tide lifts all ships” has her advocating for many of the newest technologies to reach students and peers. She is a confirmed speaker at the 2022 Independent Educational Consultants Association meeting in Philadelphia, May 2022 to present on Reaching Gen Z Where They Are.

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