IEC PROFILE: Alan Sheptin

Ready to learn the history, philosophy, and practice of an experienced independent educational consultant?

Meet Alan Sheptin, owner of Sheptin Tutoring Group (STG). Alan has been a professional member of IECA since 2017 and became a Certified Educational Planner in 2020. He earned a BA in Computer Mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania, an MBA in Finance from Fordham University and a Certificate in College Consulting from UCLA. Prior to establishing his company in 2007, Alan was an Assistant Vice President and Actuary with AXA, specializing in actuarial product development and management. He attained Associateship in the Society of Actuaries with several exams completed towards Fellowship.

In addition to his college consulting expertise, Alan is a respected Mathematics tutor, successfully working with students in all levels of Math. He is most sought out for his expertise in Algebra II, Precalculus and Calculus. He teaches both Precalculus and Calculus at Iona College. He has also undertaken long-term consulting assignments teaching BC Calculus and Pre-Calculus at John Jay and Fox Lane High Schools in Westchester County.

Alan first became interested in the college admissions when he was the NYC Secondary School Chairman of Alumni Interviewing for the University of Pennsylvania, training alumni interviewers and serving as a liaison between Penn’s admission office, interviewers and prospective freshmen. He has leveraged this expertise, plus his extensive knowledge of US and international colleges and universities, to counsel students on the optimal admissions strategy. To date, he has visited over 130 colleges and universities in seven countries.

Alan’s “alumni” are present at all of the top 50 US universities and colleges, as well as at universities in the UK and Canada.

Additionally, Alan has been preparing students for the SAT and ACT examinations for 30 years. He is widely respected for his in-depth expertise in maximizing test scores, as well as his ability to make intrinsically difficult concepts in all areas of Mathematics (from pre-Algebra through Calculus) easier to grasp. Many of Alan’s students have continued to work with him in college classes and as they prep for the GRE and GMAT exams. He and his outstanding team of 35 teachers and tutors can offer support in any academic area in middle or high school. He is constantly revamping materials and lessons to ensure that his students are receiving the most recent information about exams.

Sheptin Tutoring Group maintains offices in Chappaqua, New York and New York City. Its clients come from as close as the tri-state area to as far away as China, the United Kingdom and Nigeria.

Find Alan at 914-232-3743 or


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