What Does the SAT Cover?

the SAT logoThe SAT is a classic standardized test designed to measure, in broad strokes, what a student learned in high school that will lead to success in college. Rather than drilling down to specific facts or detailed subject matter, the SAT focuses on core math and English language reading and writing skills:

  • The SAT Reading Test measures a wide range of passage-based reading skills.
  • The SAT Writing and Language Test measures a full spectrum of writing skills.
  • The SAT Math Test measures content knowledge of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry along with conceptual understanding, problem solving, and calculation ability.
  • The SAT Essay measures analytical writing ability.

The SAT tests more than just academic content. Timed standardized exams like these also measure critical test taking skills like time management, focus, endurance, and answer awareness.


What does the SAT Reading Test measure?
What does the SAT Writing and Language Test measure?
What does the SAT Math Test measure?
What does the SAT Essay measure?
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