The Tests

Testing can be as tough on parents as it is on high school students. With so many tests and so much misinformation, how are you supposed to keep up on what matters regarding the ACT, SAT, PSAT, Subject Tests, and everything else? Start here!


What is the ACT?
How is the ACT scored?
What does the ACT cover?
What does the ACT English test measure?
What does the ACT Math test measure?
What does the ACT Reading test measure?
What does the ACT Science test measure?
What does the ACT Writing test measure?


What is the SAT?
How is the SAT scored?
What does the SAT cover?
What does the SAT Reading Test measure?
What does the SAT Writing and Language Test measure?
What does the SAT Math Test measure?


What is the PSAT?
How is the PSAT scored?
Is the PSAT worth taking?
How does the National Merit Scholarship process work?
How is the National Merit Scholarship Selection Index calculated?


Why do tests like the ACT or SAT matter?
How do the SAT and ACT differ?
Which is harder, the SAT or ACT?
Does vocabulary matter anymore on the SAT or ACT?
Are the SAT and ACT intelligence tests?


What are percentiles and why do they matter?
What is a superscore?
What is the most accurate way to compare SAT and ACT scores?
Do colleges care about subscores?
Do colleges care about the test essay?
What does test-optional mean?

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